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We're so very appreciative of the opportunity to be part of your search for a partner. Part of what we consider central to our offer is a partnership approach. We believe in doing things differently, uniquely and for purpose. But most importantly we believe in doing things as a partner, dedicated to your goals and objectives - ready to design the path and implement the steps. We've shared a digital version of our RFI information here. It's just a small glimmer into who we are and what we do. We welcome the opportunity to share more information, learn more about what you're trying to accomplish and discuss how we can be the kind of partner you're looking for. 

"The BLNKPG team truly understands agriculture and always keeps our goals/successes at the top of mind. The investment our company has made with BLNKPG continues to generate a return. Our launched re-brand and campaign is giving us the exposure to our target market that we never would've had without BLNKPG's creativity and experience. We are certain that in the years to come, top farmers and competitors will recognize and know our company throughout the industry."

Kaci Ferch, Previous AgFi Director of Marketing and Communications

"Working with BLNKPG has been great. They are detail oriented and big picture thinkers at the same time. They bring ideas to the table that make our job easier. Our marketing has brought in sales and dealers to the point we are having trouble keeping up with demand. I'd be happy to share more about our experience." 

Brian Frette, Marketing Director / Owner CornPro Trailers

Working with the team at Blank Page has been a real joy! With the ever increasing speed in which agriculture is moving we must have the ability to address issues promptly. The team at BLNKPG can deliver. By working with a group that has a deep understanding of agriculture it allows us to meet the fast paced demand of the industry. The people at Blank Page are personable, knowledgeable and involved within the agriculture sector so they are able to develop targeted marketing materials that address the issues that are important to agriculture. I would highly recommend the team at BLNKPG for your marketing needs!”  

Andy Tauer, Soy Aquaculture Alliance Executive Director

The team at Blank Page takes time to understand our customer, challenges us with new ideas and marketing strategies to drive our business forward.  Their team is always efficient and organized and meets deadlines on time.

Matt Hill, Elanco U.S. Swine Marketing

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