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Digital targeting


The Bee Corp develops technology to help beekeepers and pollination- dependent growers, primarily focusing on almond and berry industries, to maximize their pollination potential and protect their yields. The company’s centerpiece technology is Verifli, a digital tool used to grade hives in order to give the users insights through a digital

metrics dashboard to provide details about bee flight hours, hive strength and information about each site. To raise greater awareness of the technology among its target audience, The Bee Corp sought BLNKPG’s assistance in reaching beekeepers and those who work with them who might not have heard of either The Bee Corp or Verifli.


The booth was tracked through in-floor sensors to gauge booth traffic which proved to be higher during our agronomy presentations as expected. Customers and prospects exited the booth space with memorabilia for the 85-year celebration while corn contest winners celebrated in style with over 90% attending the awards ceremony. Rave reviews for the unique awards and overall experience proved as significant as the metrics from the tactics. 

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