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We aren't in this game because it's sexy.
Let's face it, ag can be dir
ty, technical and finicky. 

That's why we love it.

Livestock Farmer

Alternative title: Grandpa

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Ag Retailer

Alternative title: Dad


Alternative title: College roommate

We know them. It isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are, (are related to, friends with, married to, etc.) When we say we know ag, we mean we know the people that are the fabric of this industry. They are our people. So when we recommend a strategy, a tactic or a channel, it's because we've cross-tested with the very people it's meant to impact.

Can your agency say the same

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Every agency can say the same thing — and they do. Yes, we can do that. But that's not actually the important question. 
Do you know WHY we should do that? 



BLNKPG knows that truly taking time to understand the need can get lost in a “get something done” world. Our approach isn’t a rigorous process, it’s a guide based on experience. Each step should only take as long as needed to accomplish your objective.



BLNKPG was born out of a desire to start with a blank page for every project — no preconceived notions, no assumptions based on past work, no done-before ideas. We always want your page to start with a clearly identified objective at the top.

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